LED Aquarium Lamps to Light a Reef Tank

LED aquarium lighting is an upgrade over the standard fluorescent lighting found in many reef setups. LED lights use tiny, electronic light emitting diodes (hence “LED”) to provide energy efficient illumination. Setting up an LED light on a reef tank is just as simple as setting up fluorescent light, but it will be much more expensive to buy. It requires the same measurements and considerations as a fluorescent light set up.

1.Measure the length of the reef tank from end to end. This is the length of the LED aquarium lamp fixture you need, though it is typically appropriate for it to be about 4 inches shorter.

2. Multiply the number of gallons in the tank by a number between three and five to determine the wattage. Most coral reef tanks require approximately three to five watts per gallon, so a 55-gallon aquarium will need between 165 and 275 watts. Soft corals need around three watts, while harder corals need five watts.

3. Place the light fixture atop the tank’s glass canopy.

4. Connect the LED power chord to a lamp dimmer. A lamp dimmer will gradually increase or decrease the amount of light in the tank to simulate the rising and setting of the sun.

Tips: LED comes in several colors, including a bright white, red and blue. The moonlight blue lights and red lights are good for night hours while the white is appropriate during the day.

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