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LED Grow Lights Save Money and Power

Published on May 8, 2014 By admin

In hydroponics, LED hydroponics light is the most recommended type of light source because it gives superior contribution to hydroponic plant growth. It does not only give favorable lighting for hydroponic plants because of the precise light energy it produces but it is also an economical and very easy to maintain. Because of the accurate […]

LED Grow Light Options

Published on March 26, 2011 By admin

As regards specific types of LED grow lighting systems, there are numerous configurations with choices between UFO grow lights (so named because, well, they look like UFOs), grow light panels and single spot lamps. Then there is the color balance to consider. Typically the ratio varies between 4:1 and 8:1 red:blue and these days the […]

Plant & LED Grow Light

Published on February 19, 2011 By admin

While there\’s plenty of information available on plant lighting, there\’s no resource available that focus on the fundamentals of how plants utilize light, types of plant lights available and how the sun compares to commercial indoor plant lights. Light consists of many units of energy called photons. Light is both visible and invisible. Invisible light […]

Which indoor grow light to use?

Published on February 14, 2011 By admin

When you want to purchase grow lights, there are some questions that need answering. To find out the appropriate grow lights is important to become a successful indoor grower, below are some info help you: What is LED grow light? LED grow light is the most efficient type of grow lighting that can be purchased. […]