How to Keep Fish Healthy

There are actually relatively few things you need to keep a fish healthy. However, any fish will need these things, so keep them in mind when you are getting prepared for your new friends:

You will need a tank.
Your tank will need to be large enough for the fish to swim round freely and large enough to disperse the fish’s waste until the filter can process the waste.
You will need a filter to process the fish’s waste into less harmful forms between your water changes.
You will also need to provide hiding places for the fish, so that the fish will feel comfortable and will not feel exposed and vulnerable.
For any tropical fish you will need a heater to keep the water warm to mimic the tropical conditions these fish are from.
When you first set up your tank, you will need to prepare it for your new pets, before you get any!

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Dechlorinate the water.

Make sure all the equipment is running.
Get the temperature adjusted and stable (if you’re getting tropical fish).
When you first get your fish, you will need to then get the tank established and stabilized. Primarily, this is going through the cycling process to avoid “new tank syndrome.”

Once you have the tank set up and cycled, you will need to care for the fish. Caring for the fish will include these tasks:

Provide regular aquarium cleanings and water changes.
Provide regular filter maintenance.
Provide regular feedings using a variety of healthy foods.
Observe your fish regularly to recognize any odd behavior.

Inspect your equipment regularly to make sure everything is functioning correctly and that nothing is in need of repair or replacement.

So, you can see, caring for your aquarium and your fish to keep them healthy is really very simple, and though patience is absolutely necessary when you first get started (in order to get through the cycling process with minimal stress and minimal loss), just getting into a routine with your fish will make them more enjoyable and less stressful in the long run.

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