A Japanese Water Garden

A Japanese water garden is a place of serenity. It is a place that one can go to appreciate nature, gather one’s thoughts, and relax to the humble sounds of nature. You can create this type of garden in your own back yard and enjoy it’s offerings for years to come.

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Even if you live in an area that is crowded and noisy, if you have your own back yard you can design one of these gardens for your enjoyment. Using some natural sound barriers and placing the garden in the right place will be very important. You can use boulders to help create a barrier against the noise of traffic and neighbors. There are a variety of plants that can help you create a barrier as well, included various tall bushes. Unless you buy mature plants, remember that these bushes will take a few years to get big enough to provide a total barrier, but the mature plants will cost you a bit more.

For those that have a little more land to work with, this will not be a problem and unless you want to create a natural barrier for privacy, you will not need to take that first step.

Once sound barriers have been decided, locations will also need to be decided. You want your utopia to be away from traffic and neighbors, but within the confines of your land. This will allow you to have some privacy and gain the feel that you are truly “away” from the humdrum of everyday life. It should be a place that you can “escape” to, not one that enhances the stresses in life.

The next decision will be whether or not you want to raise Koi fish. These are typically found in Japanese water gardens and will require some care. If caring for fish, remember to dig deep enough so that the water won’t freeze in the winter. Also be sure that the pond is large enough for the fish to reproduce without being cramped.

Certain decorative elements should be present to enhance the feel of the Japanese water garden. Boulders and stone steps are typically found in these types of gardens. Bridges are also quite common. Lanterns are often used for lighting. Bamboo should be incorporated into the plants that grow within the pond. Dwarf pines are also a popular choice of plant for this type of garden. Some sort of bench or seating area is also typical. In this way you are free to sit and enjoy the garden once you’ve created it.

A Japanese water garden is one that will require some work and research in its creation, but the benefits are unparalleled. For many years you and your friends and family will watch the pond thrive and bask in the serenity that it creates. It is an aesthetic beauty and a lovely addition to any back yard.

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