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LEDs in different casings.

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Besides price, shapes, sizes ranges, there is another factor you need to consider. For example, The amount of daylight varies across the country. In some regions, the length of daylight changes quickly. Like in Oregon, the day will be three minutes shorter tomorrow than it was today. That means supplemental lighting requirements will change fairly rapidly from month to month. One of the best ways to manage those changes is with an automatic light timer. A timer will help you easily adjust to changing daylight lengths as well as save energy and bulb life. LED grow light is the most ideal supplemental lighting for the timer and dimmable function.

If you chose to use any type of florescent lighting, you will need to account for plant growth. Florescent lights perform best when positioned very close to plants. As plants grow into the light, it is important to raise the fixture. Generally only the plants touching the lights will burn, but be prepared because they grow quickly. Adjustable hangers are a good solution. These hangers move easily allowing you to make quick adjustments. But for LED grow light, because it is cool light source, you don\’t worry to burn your plant when hang it very close to your plants.

Whether you just want to give a special plant a boost, or you plan to grow right through the winter, LED grow light is a great option in a greenhouse. For supplemental light, grow lights operate for only a few hours a day. Once you have the fixtures and the bulbs there is little cost, but it is an investment to get started. When purchasing a system it\’s a good idea to think about your goals and how you may want to change in the future. Do you want to start seeds and get a jump on the season, or do you want to create a year-round oasis? Keep in mind as you\’re planning. Choosing a energy-saving, green technology, advanced supplemental light-LED grow light which should be a great consideration for you.

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